THE FIRST OF MANY LECTURES 

                                                                                          -Yugika Mital

He’s a small man. His glasses resemble those of my grandfather’s. He sticks his hair together and is always dressed as if for a professional interview. Today, he wore a red and blue checked shirt with a dark brown pant and walked into the classroom with the usual calm he is known to maintain. Continue reading “THE FIRST OF MANY LECTURES”





                                                                  -Yugika Mital


How could we ever live without imagination? Without creating a more fantastical version in the mere spheres of our heads?

Where we stand has a major role to play in what we imagine, both metaphorically and literally. If I look out the window from the 10th floor as the city lights sing and rhythm with each other under the dark shadow, I imagine a world of progress, speed and untiring effort. In some more hours, as silence would dominate the empty space, Continue reading “IMAGINE”



                                                         TO THE ONE INSIDE

                                                                        -Yugika Mital


‘Maybe if I watched an emotional motion picture, I’d be able to express better.’

‘Maybe if I read a beautiful poem on love, loss, cheer, I’d finally be starting on writing my masterpiece.’

‘Maybe if I went through some old photographs, collected memories from the shut closets of my imagination, I’d have better metaphors.’

‘Or maybe if I stayed silent, let my hands and my heart do the talking, it would actually turn out to be an honest piece. An article written for the soul. That is all that suffices.’ Continue reading “TO THE ONE INSIDE”



                                                                FROM START TO MID

Yugika Mital

Standing in a group of people you’ve met for the first time.

A new campus.

A different city.

The same you.

If you signed up for Mass Communication then does it mean that it’s easy for you to converse in this situation or is there still time to improve your social skills?

The truth remains that no one shall sit you down and make you feel like home, but with the right effort you can learn, grow, see the reality and mould yourself for good.

My college is not wholly comprised of the usual students, Continue reading “FROM START TO MID”



                                                        A MILLION GOALS, ONE WAY

                                                                                          -Yugika Mital

If we were to be stuck in the bubble where we resided 5 years or even 6 months ago, then could we say that we did justice to the time given to us? That we learnt and grew and in turn helped others grow? Could we say that we hold the right to complain about the numerous things even if we did not take a step to improve them? Continue reading “ONE MILLION GOALS, ONE WAY”



                                                     A WALL, MY WALL

                                                                  -Yugika Mital


The wall of my hostel room is painted white

Cutting the chord between its previous occupant and I

It stretches its arms wide open,

I can dress it the way I want.

So I started putting pieces of a puzzle together

A puzzle I like to call, ‘the journey of a little less than 20 years’.


A year old me in mummy’s arms,

A 15 year old me, as tall as she.

Moments when I embraced the microphone as my dearest possession,

Moments when nothing was more hilarious than my pizza expression!

Some with my oldest friend by my side,

Our friendship still is young.

Photographs that define me but don’t limit me.


Sometimes when I lie down and glance up,

It all makes sense to me

Experiences and People

Some of you here and others scattered around the world

Like pixie dust

That magic doesn’t happen at the wave of a wand,

It’s in the smiles

The hugs that are worth framing,

The people who are the pieces to each of our puzzles

Revealing themselves at the right time

Because we just cannot fill the pages of that one precious diary

Unless we have the perfect poem or the perfect story.


But the good and the bad, both have their ways

Keep your head up, your feet low

You are not another stone tossed in the ocean

You are an island that stands afloat.

And for this, bringing my wall together is the word ‘potpourri’

Not the dried flowers of scent but a mixture of things

A gentle reminder that a brilliant day will be balanced by the worst one

But at their intersection will be another piece of the puzzle done.


A Wall doesn’t have to always divide,

Sometimes, it brings together

Family portraits,


Posters and dreams,

And My Wall binds all the pieces of my puzzle in one fantastical shape

The one that pumps blood

The one that goes as far as the journey goes

The heart – the perfect cohesion for ‘the journey of a little less than 20 years’ and going…



                              SOME HOURS WORTH WRITING ABOUT

                                                                                            -Yugika Mital


We sometimes find people outside our regular space who may be complete strangers but in that moment we feel like we belong with them. In that moment, we surrender to the imperfection of the world and vow to be optimistic along with convincing ourselves to indulge deep in the present because you don’t know when that feeling of solace will come next. You are aware of your surroundings but they feel different. A ‘different’ that has no definition and cannot be consistent for any two people.

With a hostel that has a compound large enough for new entrants to lose their way and swing sets that are a constant craving among the undergraduate students, hungry to plug in their headphones and for a couple of minutes escape this world with their feet in the air, you constantly look for new ways to spend the precious and rare leisure time in hand. Sooner or later you get used to the juggling of tasks and the people who are running the same marathon but after a certain point, familiarity is not sought in names or faces but in emotions, situations and smiles.

While you sit with familiar faces, in your comfort zone near the swings, playing some soft music, you are oblivious to the ears that pass by and the souls that are reminded of the beauty of togetherness in some silence. The four of us, after dinner, simply were going about our regular chatter – things about the unexpected free weekend with no assignment, how lazy we had been lately and other quotidian topics when we decided to let music set the mood and were later joined by three students from the same hostel but a different college. In short, we had probably passed them in the halls and the mess but were as oblivious to their existence as they were to ours. The cool but not so starry night, some wind, the swings, dim and warm fairy lights from the overhead rooms and above all music got us together.

There was a myriad of artists whose work was welcomed – from The Chainsmokers to the good old Hoedown Throwdown and then Lata Mangeshkar with some Bruno Mars. It was a collection of anything that anyone sitting in the area wanted to hear. Not a lot of words were exchanged apart from the regular ‘What’s your name?’, ‘Which college are you in?’ and ‘Hey! This professor teaches us as well!’ but that was enough for the impromptu gathering to sail smoothly and comfortably for all of us. There was no need to establish a further connection on purpose. As said, after a certain point, familiarity is not sought in names or faces but in emotions, situations and smiles. The compound lights gradually went off but more people just joined in.

In colleges and hostels, yes, different cultures collide. Different languages, different traditions and values but some things remain the same. Music is one of them. That one song from Taylor Swift brings back bizarre stories from Middle School and gradually, people do end up listening to a veteran musician/singer just like an ultimate integration of all the commonality that existed. You just wish upon the shooting star for the night to last a little longer (or the classes to get delayed the next day) just so you could enjoy the time a little more. The heart wants what it wants. People forget their phones and come together to experience a typically expected hostel night but one that was not very common in actuality.

We look for common mind sets, common backgrounds, common preferences, common interests and other intersecting points between other people and ourselves but sometimes all it takes is a welcoming nature to see how acquaintances can be established without any solid common ground. Sometimes all it takes is the willingness to hear what another person has on their playlist and what their moves to your song are. Maybe sometimes all it takes is a cool, calm and regular night at the hostel, some songs on your playlist that mean something to you and a good speaker to spend some hours’ worth writing about.