-Yugika Mital

If we were to be stuck in the bubble where we resided 5 years or even 6 months ago, then could we say that we did justice to the time given to us? That we learnt and grew and in turn helped others grow? Could we say that we hold the right to complain about the numerous things even if we did not take a step to improve them? If we spent all the time not amending ourselves and becoming better people who understood the ropes of life, becoming people who were empathetic, people who were not taken in by the thought that their reason was the ultimate but that there still exists more to explore, then have we understood the point at all?

Varied experiences shape us. They mould our thinking in a certain way. They make us look for answers; some that stay with us for longer periods of time and others that help us act in the moment alone and then possibly are forgotten. To add to this, experiences need not be in first person at all instances. We learn, absorb and observe through others’ experiences as well. Others who have stood on different but similar paths. Others who have experienced a little more than we have. Others who are ready to share their experiences, provided we are ready to listen. The point is, there is always something to learn and there is always scope to understand and explore the opportunities that can help us improve emotionally, physically, spiritually, morally or in any way we want to.

It would be a good experience to reflect back on a certain period of time and think –

Have I done any good to this planet?

Who are the people who’ve shaped my life?

In what areas do I need to monitor myself?

Have I grown significantly to say that I am wiser now than I was at that moment of time?

Other questions that are necessary to determine who we are, where we stand and for what we stand?

Self-scrutinising or rather understanding one’s growth besides that in an organisation over a period of time is not that popular an activity. Some answers may be displeasing but again, they say that understanding there is a problem in the first place is the first step to solving one. We concern ourselves way too much with the affairs of others and barely leave any scope to understand our own. We know more chaos than we know ourselves. We tend to not give ourselves the privilege to stop and think or thank or do both. Maye that’s why we get lost so often. We need to pick the battles that we have to fight and not step into everything that comes our way. Observe. Decide.

We tend to follow a set of fixed beliefs and values and refuse to alter them. Alter them in a way that adapts to time without harm to others or ourselves. Alteration that is not depreciation. There are people we can look up to in order to learn from them because perhaps they know more than us, in any field – academics, management, humility, kindness, street smartness and innumerable others. We won’t always find company where frequencies of people will match. We need to find common ground for mutual benefit.

Through the varied commercials that are increasingly basing themselves on social and emotional issues and YouTube like TED Talks and others that popularise ideas, one thing is evident, that the connect that the human species share is unique. We can be triggered by something emotional. Emotional in any sense; makes us cry, intrigues us, excites us, saddens us, makes us guilty, makes us feel privileged or anything that makes us aware that we have feelings that are waiting there to be noticed and come to the conscious surface.

Let’s not be so involved that we forget to notice. Let’s not be so involved that we miss what can possibly make our future better in ways more than money ever can.  Let’s look for the good. Let’s accept the fault and endeavour to improve. Let’s talk to ourselves and see if we are actually traversing a path or are just stuck, counting the days.


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