-Yugika Mital


The wall of my hostel room is painted white

Cutting the chord between its previous occupant and I

It stretches its arms wide open,

I can dress it the way I want.

So I started putting pieces of a puzzle together

A puzzle I like to call, ‘the journey of a little less than 20 years’.


A year old me in mummy’s arms,

A 15 year old me, as tall as she.

Moments when I embraced the microphone as my dearest possession,

Moments when nothing was more hilarious than my pizza expression!

Some with my oldest friend by my side,

Our friendship still is young.

Photographs that define me but don’t limit me.


Sometimes when I lie down and glance up,

It all makes sense to me

Experiences and People

Some of you here and others scattered around the world

Like pixie dust

That magic doesn’t happen at the wave of a wand,

It’s in the smiles

The hugs that are worth framing,

The people who are the pieces to each of our puzzles

Revealing themselves at the right time

Because we just cannot fill the pages of that one precious diary

Unless we have the perfect poem or the perfect story.


But the good and the bad, both have their ways

Keep your head up, your feet low

You are not another stone tossed in the ocean

You are an island that stands afloat.

And for this, bringing my wall together is the word ‘potpourri’

Not the dried flowers of scent but a mixture of things

A gentle reminder that a brilliant day will be balanced by the worst one

But at their intersection will be another piece of the puzzle done.


A Wall doesn’t have to always divide,

Sometimes, it brings together

Family portraits,


Posters and dreams,

And My Wall binds all the pieces of my puzzle in one fantastical shape

The one that pumps blood

The one that goes as far as the journey goes

The heart – the perfect cohesion for ‘the journey of a little less than 20 years’ and going…


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