-Yugika Mital

Sometimes when I’m half asleep and half in reality, I feel someone holding my hand. Usually an occurring during the really early morning hours that I barely seem to experience. This clasp is not too tight or too loose, it’s just perfect like ‘she’ always is. With this touch I feel safe, I feel like I’ve got more than what I deserve and I realise and though I’m semi-conscious I smile in my soul. It’s Mom. Always being the one who asks for no credits for all the security, love and courage she imparts. Maybe those are the mornings when I wake up brighter than usual but Mom never said a word regarding her role in it. Maybe it’s just her motherly instinct that she satisfies when she spends a minute or more holding my hand in the that silence but like always, she ends up doing more. Much more.

There are always those beings who do things for us without purposely making their presence felt. They probably just satisfy their own desires but in the course of it, traverse paths of selfless deeds and make our lives a tad worthwhile. For instance, your cat or dog. Probably the former just wants someone to play with or gently stroke their necks so that they enter their oh-so-no-worry land but do you think they have an idea of the stress relief they offer to the human? Dogs want company because they have this inexhaustible bag of love wrapped around their necks and they just sprinkle some of it on every person they touch. Maybe they’re socialising for themselves but did it occur to them that for a human parting from them is as painful as parting from a sibling? That when they were just ‘being themselves’, they were helping someone else live a more fulfilled life?

There are always those beings whose presence we fail to acknowledge but their absence stings. We are all aware of this fact but are we aware of these selfless contributors? Besides the obvious and visible actions of our parents, siblings, friends, guardians and others, are we aware of the deeds that they performed without our knowledge but those deeds that make our lives and existence more meaningful? Obviously, it isn’t possible to know of everything that everyone does.  All those people whose company we look forward to in the day and those who give us a base.

Maybe there was this speech you heard in a college orientation and one speaker’s experiences and words really stuck with you. These people who do not know how many lives they are impacting in their regular days. Do we acknowledge them? The person who crosses you daily during your morning walk or gym session and greets you with a smile. You don’t know their name, profession or even their favourite colour. It’s just they form a part of your routine and you notice when there’s a lapse in that happening.

A person is an individual, yes. However, we are this amalgamation of myriad experiences, words, thoughts, deeds, successes, failures, days, nights, people, pets, wishes, prayers, feelings, emotions, chords, expressions, beliefs and countless others that make us who we are. None of us is capable to gather all of this alone in a single lifetime. We pick and choose from those around us, be it in person or on virtual media. It is usually questioned that a piece of creativity is given a single name for its origin but is that correct? An idea is improved by a team; type A, type B, type C…… before the final product reveals itself.

Inspiration is gathered from different sources and it is not just one person involved in the process. (Read more on the same in Myths of Creativity by David Burkus)

Isn’t it the same way with us as humans? If we spent some time in trying to mark these invaluable people in our lives, in trying to recognise them, we shall find more confidence, more faith and a belief that there is always more than what we fathomed. Someday, maybe, we can play the same role for somebody else.


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