-Yugika Mital

People are so occupied nowadays that they often forget one person – themselves. The importance of pleasing yourself, keeping yourself happy and satisfied and hearing what you have to say. Is it just now or has the human race always been like that? Where others were mostly prioritised over ourselves and if someone was made to ‘understand’, it was us and the worst part is, we ourselves did it.

Let’s get one thing straight – no one is being asked to be self-infatuated, in fact, no one is being asked to be anything at all. There’s just one bottom line to this – if it’s not you for you then who? Surely there are people who’ve supported you, groomed you, prayed for you and taught you everything you know. Acknowledge them and stay humble. This is just about those times when one fails to give that little person inside their head a voice, one that says, ‘Enough!  Live for yourself at least this day.’

Don’t be afraid to sometimes not have a ‘crowd’ around you because silence sometimes speaks more valuable words than a hundred people could. Don’t subdue that person inside you that craves your attention because if you don’t know what you want, what you desire, what is important to you, what you deem right, what you think is wrong, what your principles are, what guides you through the day and what makes you happy, then who are you? Do you even know yourself at all? The answers to these questions may or may not be guided by your surroundings, your upbringing, your morals and values and many a time, what the people closest to you expect of you and that is all right because we all need to learn good things from others and have a guiding force. The question is do we forget to be honest to ourselves? Do we get burdened by the responsibility of a public image? Do we forget to give ourselves a reality check every once in a while? Do we feel lonely in our own presence?

Again, this is not about being anti-social. This is about being close to you. This is about loving yourself. This is about knowing that you matter. If one can’t find peace in their own company, every once in a while, then no matter how crowded the place is, it won’t ever be sufficient. There’ll always be something missing. There’ll be something that’ll make you doubt your decisions because nothing would give you enough confidence to trust your conscience. The simple reason would be that you’re not close to yourself. You wouldn’t know yourself enough to make informed decisions and decisions that’ll matter to you and those around you. Decisions that’ll help you become a genuine person – something more crucial and lasting than wearing a mask whose string that goes from one ear to the other can break any moment. This doesn’t mean that people are fake, again, to remind you – it’s nice to breathe and smile even when it’s not understandable by others or to not smile if you don’t want to – there are those days, admit it.

No one has to live in an extreme. This is not Buddhism; this is just a fact of life. Once you’re comfortable with yourself, you radiate that energy to others and make them comfortable around you. What you say makes more sense and is backed by conscience, belief and of course, sound judgement and observation. Knowing yourself and being comfortable in your own presence, with or without people, makes one happy and positive. Positive energy is something we all crave and so does the universe. You attract people who are positive and it’s just a chain from then. Be considerate of others, be kind, be observant and selfless too but don’t forget yourself. You can’t run away from it. The sooner, the better. We know that we love ourselves; we just need to feel as well as mean it.


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